The Time of Your Life
- Insights & Inspirations from Coaching Practice
Chris Wesley

133 page PDF


This is the first physical book by me, founder of It's a collection of inspirational articles containing insights and techniques proven to work in my coaching practice. Many will be found on this website and in our newsletters, but this book contains them all, and more besides, packaged into a convenient book of secrets for you.

Book Details

Physically, this book is around 132 pages of 9 by 6 inch perfect-bound pages, in a nice glossy cover, containing around 33,000 words. There are around thirty bite-sized articles, each carefully written to accomplish these key objectives:

Bit by bit, this book will dissolve cynicism, pessimism bewilderment and apathy, clearing away the distortions of our hidden beliefs, opening doors to the reality which was always there waiting for us to be see more clearly.

Here are a selection of the topics dealt with in this book of secrets:

All of this is dealt with in down-to-earth ways, in plain language, and illustrated with real-life examples from my coaching practice. I KNOW this stuff works; I use it daily, and I see it working daily in my clients' lives.

The Time of Your Life
Insights & Inspirations from Coaching Practice

133 page PDF



Incredibly Powerful
- A.T.

I'm writing to say how much I've been enjoying all your newsletters - not only is the content brief and to the point but they're also aesthetically pleasing!
- A.E.

It is always SO GOOD to ... see your newsletters which I devour and then print and place in a special file called "'ME!" There is something wholesome about "wise counsel" which has the power to change the direction of my day.
... My life is at a better place because of you.
- T.C.

I would like to deeply appreciate my thanks for your well formulated, inspiring, vision-awakening and hope-evoking newsletters. It has motivated me to do something very big which will instill a deep confidence to work for my permanent holistic transformation.
- Anonymous

Thank you for the [technique] - it is powerful - as everything you put into my life has been. I am so so so well. I'm sure you won't believe me but that one month with your coaching has had a great effect on me. I have filed everything away in a special file and am now really studying each word/concept/new thought. I have changed. Discovered my SELF and loving me.

Loved your ... 'Conquering Fear' - need to do more work on that!
- G.B.

... your articles are always well read here!
- Sarah

Your newsletters really work for me, especially when you explain a concept and illustrate it with a real life example of a dialogue that you had with one of your client. Other coaches are just full of testimonial but never expose some of the inner working of their work. It feels like they're all about marketing a product rather than coaching. Your newsletter inspires confidence.
- Y.R.

Thanks again Chris, Had a personal upset recently [detailed]. You've made me realise, I just need to smile and take all these things in, and appreciate them...You know...Your a star :-)
- Lee

Thanks for your inspirational [articles] which I have really enjoyed reading. So a real big thank you and please keep up the good work!!
- H.M.

Hi Chris. I just love to read your [articles].
- C.E.

I have really enjoyed [your articles]. They have been helpful in various ways... I was pleased that at no time did you try to "push" me into signing up for anything. Also that you were courteous enough to reply to my first e-mail in a most sympathetic and helpful way... I thank you for your articles though as they have been a "boost"
- R.S.

.. it's very relevant to where I'm at in my life right now…Keep inspiring and aspiring - it works for me.
- Y.S.

Hi Chris,
I think what you offer is fantastic, lots of free advice and support and of course your life coaching option
... I have, this morning, started to work my way through your site and already find this helpful.
- Geraldine Daly

Hi Chris, ... This is really relevant to me. My thinking now is so different to where I was when I was talking to you. All going well at this end, exciting stuff!
- M.M.

Hi I just really want to say thanks for your [articles]. I am going through a difficult midlife time right now and it is helping me to stay positive. I will surely seek your advice in the near future if i feel i could do with your help on the way Many thanks Chris x

I really get so much from your articles which, for me, cover topics that make me laugh, think, feel sad, happy and loads more. But you speak from the heart and share not only your professional thoughts and advice; I feel you come from a personal place too but you're not scared 'to go there'. I find that truly special and thank you so much because this gives me courage to face my fears knowing the world isn't going to come crashing down. I may be a bit wobbly for a while, but that's how I learn and am able to move on feeling stronger.
I look forward to your articles and pray you will continue to be blessed and inspired by the Creator to keep `doing you'.
- Joycelyn

I Find all your [articles] very useful, and take time to read them over & over again.
- Sarah

Thank you for your [articles]. I have acted on this, and am now in a great job, and it helped to have your 'making friends with your boss' type advice to do this. I stopped being angry and started to be proactive and got my confidence back, and proceeded to go to an interview and get a new job,
Thank you
- Michelle

Dear Chris, I just wanted to say thank you for [your articles]. It definitely helped me to make a big step in my life. I choose leaving [here] and moved back to [there], now my second step is to create my new life back home after 5 years being away.
I will need to change my goal now:-)
- A.S.

... your newsletters are truly inspirational and have been invaluable to me!
- Carolyn

This [article] was the most relevant thing I have read for YEARS!!!
- Adrian

...another [article] ... that hits the spot! I have been doing some reading on this subject and its amazing how life throws up these synchronicities. Being present is fantastic its just a little hard to keep it flowing as the dreaded Auto pilot keeps switching on! :0)
All the best Chris.
- Lee

'Great' really sums it up. It is so good to take another look at everyday thoughts and ideas from a different perspective - Thanks
- Ellie

The advice I have read so far has already changed my ways of thinking....thankyou.
- Hazel

The Time of Your Life
Insights & Inspirations from Coaching Practice

133 page PDF


About Author Chris Wesley

Chris is the founder and owner of

Coaching & Counselling Experience

  • Chris has nearly 20 years in blue-chip multi-nationals - most as a manager of people & projects, which taught him a great deal about why people sometimes fail, and how to help them succeed. He combines this experience with his coaching skills in the service of his clients.
  • During three years as a freelance lecturer, Chris learned a lot about relating to and helping people from all walks of life, and I also learned what a pleasure that was. This experience helped him find his vocation in life coaching.
  • Chris has taught coaching to coaching academy graduates
  • Since graduating with distinctions in the theory and practice of coaching, from the coaching academy in 2004, Chris has coached hundreds of clients with disparate coaching challenges.

Personal History

Chris was born in 1959. He has an honours degree in computing and electronics.

His first career was in IT and IT management, where I became European IT Manager for an account of General Motors.

His second career was in E-Commerce where he luanched and ran two successful businesses.

Chris spent three years as a part-time freelance lecturer, teaching Business IT and web page design.

These days Chris consults on business management and business coaching, and runs his own coaching business. He also writes on personal growth.

Chris Wesley
Chris Wesley

The Time of Your Life
Insights & Inspirations from Coaching Practice

133 page PDF


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