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Anger Management, Types I and II

- This ebook presents new thinking about Anger Problems

This is a 48 page Ebook

About Anger Management, Types I and II

Anger Management, Types I and II

Ive been a practicing psychologist in an outpatient setting for over twenty-five years. I run into eight conditions or "issues" almost every day (addictions, anxiety, ADHD/learning disabilities, assertiveness, childrens behaviors, mood disorders, relationships and self-esteem). Anger management is important unto itself, but plays a very strong role in the other eight areas. Usually, when people can control their anger, the problems in each of these groups diminish.

Anger management is a skill that everyone needs and uses to some degree, in every situation, no matter how subtle or overt. This ebook contains information on the subject of anger management, anger management techniques, anger management tips and anger management training. It turns out anger management can be taught to almost everyone. Ive taught it to children, as well as adults. Ive taught anger techniques to schizophrenics and to people with out-of-control mood disorders. Anyone can learn about this subject and anyone can learn the techniques.

You may be having trouble in your relationship, or blowing up at work. You may be referred by the courts, which happens if your anger leads to excessive drinking or fighting, custody issues, etc..

Ive read most of the pop-psychology literature on anger management over the last 20 (+) years. Many of the books are excellent. They, like this ebook deal with a variety of anger management aspects.

Anger has to do with being out of control of reactions, or about being out of touch with feelings. Type I anger people "lose it" and act out. They tend to explode and are more typically male. Type II anger people lose it and "act in." They tend to implode and are more typically female. There are characteristics and symptoms of each, which I list and explore. Type II anger is new to the literature. You won't find this described anywhere else, because its my original concept..

People have a long list of reasons not to control their anger, which is addressed. There are lots of popular or other internet sources for anger management techniques. I list them. These work, sort of, and if they work for you--good. Your anger problem is not that serious. But there are deeper, psychological approaches that fix, not mollify the problem. To effectively manage anger or either Type I or Type II, one has to get to the "deep stuff."

Most of the pop-psychology books are too long. Ive boiled down the concepts in these books into clear, manageable steps. Ive made this as easy to understand as is humanly possible, combining what Ive read with what Ive learned from clients. Plus, there is a discussion on the newest ways to conceptualize anger mismanagement, relative not just to psychology, but to cognitive behavioral techniques and mindfulness. I've put the best of Western and Eastern techniques at your fingertips.

Like my other ebooks, this one has no fat. Think of it as a "Cliffs Notes" publication. It's "sort of" a quick read (about an hour or two). I have to explain a few new terms, because there are new ideas and the terms you probably already know are put together in new ways. The theory I espouse is different from standard "behavior change" books. It works better and is very simple to understand. That's the point of an ebook. My research has not turned up another ebook that does what mine does.

Ebooks are replacing standard books because they are quicker and easier to obtain. There is a need for immediate information, reasonably priced. I've priced this ebook to be at least twenty percent undermarket, considering what bookstores charge and the travel costs to and from. The ebook is 48 pages and can be immediately downloaded from this website.


"This ebook surprised me. It is conversational but has more information and helpful ideas than anything else I've read. I really liked it. My wife likes me better now." --J.P. "I'm an addict. These techniques help addiction, and as it turns out, anxiety disorder dynamics, too. I have less, much less anger, and my other issues have lessened."--K.M. "I'm a Type II person. Boy, did this hit the mark, Why hasn't this been in the literature like this before? I'm soon to NOT be a Type II person." -- G.B. "Dr. Griggs nailed it." -J.V. "Brilliant, like the other ebooks Dr. Griggs has written--to the point, concise, packed with just the right information--yet friendly and warmly written." B.T. "I got through the ebook in two hours. My world changed and everyone around me has noticed." -- T.M. "This guy has put it all together in very easy-to-understand language-far more quickly and directly than even a self-help paperback. It works. I'm impressed." -- .G.B.

About author Steven T. Griggs, Ph.D., A PSYCHOLOGICAL CORP

Dr. Griggs has been in outpatient private practice for over twenty-five years. He has developed an understanding and treatment approach to the most commonly treated psychological conditions, and has written about them in, now, eight ebooks. These are to-the-point treatises for the do-it-yourselfers, and for those who wish therapy to progress at the fastest possible rate. So far, the subjects include: diagnosing and treating anxiety, assertiveness, chaning children's behavior (quickly), why relationships fail, fixing self-esteem, kids and divorce, child visitation and self-esteem, and now anger management. Dr. Griggs has started writing a full-length book on his experience as a psychologist, both in the office and out--how the world looks as viewed from a clinician's perspective.
Steven T. Griggs, Ph.D.,  A PSYCHOLOGICAL CORP

Anger Management, Types I and II
- This ebook presents new thinking about Anger Problems

This is a 48 page Ebook
Steven T. Griggs, Ph.D., A PSYCHOLOGICAL CORP £14.95

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