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How to Diagnose & Treat Your Anxiety

46-page E-book in PDF format

About How to Diagnose & Treat Your Anxiety

People schedule an office visit. I ask them a full range of questions about their experiences, and help them decide whether they actually need a psychologist. I go through a very well- honed process, and they get the help they need.

I decided to write this ebook, "How To Diagnose and Treat Your Anxiety" so people can help themselves efficiently and inexpensively, without needing to visit my clinic. It's about 46 pages and includes what I do with each client. Each series of questions and considerations is presented in the order I do it in the office. But you can follow along and do this yourself and pay only a fraction of what I charge for an office visit.

This ebook will help you identify symptoms of anxiety, and show you how to rate the frequency and severity of your symptoms.

There's also a description of the seven basic types (clinical categories) of anxiety disorders.

I show you how to figure out where you "fall" relative to others. The charts are simple to interpret and right away you'll know whether or not to call a therapist. This process is the one I've used for years. You are following along with my thinking. It is straightforward, clear and effective. But at the same time, this is much more comprehensive, clinically accurate than simple internet checklists. And, it's inexpensive!

Near the end, I've included some basic treatment strategies that you usually don't get in a book or on the Internet, but again, can pay for (if you want) by seeing a professional.

Many of you do not need a therapist, and even if you do, the techniques I walk you through will decrease your anxiety symptoms without paying big bucks. The treatment strategies are surprisingly helpful.

For those of you who do need a therapist, this material will clearly show you why and outline the category or categories into which your symptoms fall. You will know the exact information to give a professional, if you need one. (This will help you to effectively"shop" for a therapist).

It also can be used to help others realize they may need some help, especially if they are in denial. While it is not meant to substitute for a professional's judgment and training, this ebook will go a long way towards using professional knowledge to help you or someone you know make a very informed decision about their experiences of anxiety. It will provide direction, greater certainty and relief, especially if your symptoms are a mystery. Here's a couple of comments from past purchasers...


"First of all, thank you for your informative and well-written piece on Anxiety. I have read it and feel confident that I'm in touch with someone who knows the subject, it's ancillary relationships, and resulting disorders. Thanks again for the monograph (single subject paper, Ed.). It did a great job of demystifying anxiety."

-C.M., San Diego , CA.

"I thought that the information provided in the monograph was helpful to me in many ways. It addressed many of the questions that I had about anxiety and its symptoms. Most importantly, it has helped to encourage me to seek professional help for the anxiety that I have been experiencing." Sincerely,

-A.L., San Diego, CA.

This ebook on anxiety is a very straightforward approach to diagnosing your own symptoms. As I said before, it's a 46 page, single subject paper that will guide you through the steps to figure out what your anxiety symptoms are all about. It outlines just what I do in the office with patients, only you can do it by just following along. It has a bunch of clinical information that you won't easily find on the Internet. And, I interpret the whole process so you won't have to guess, or have any clinical experience. It's cheaper here than buying a book, plus it's instantly available, without driving to a bookstore.

About author Doctor Steven T. Griggs PhD

I've been a practicing psychologist in an outpatient setting for over twenty years. I run into eight conditions almost every day (addictions, anxiety, ADHD/learning disabilities, assertiveness, childrens behaviors, mood disorders, relationships and self-esteem). Relationships are one of the most important of these in its own right, but in every one of the other seven areas, it, like self-esteem and assertiveness plays a huge role. Usually, when people have a good relationship, the problems in each of these groups diminish. A graduate professor once told me there are two things that either make or break people. One is employment and the other is having a good relationship.
Doctor Steven T. Griggs PhD
Doctor Steven T. Griggs PhD

How to Diagnose & Treat Your Anxiety 46-page E-book in PDF format
Doctor Steven T. Griggs PhD


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