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Communicating Successfully

- Creating High Performers

50 page E-Book in PDF format

About Communicating Successfully

Communication is all about the transmission of meaning to others. How we communicate is vitally important, and developing excellent communication skills will have a positive impact on your clients and your business.

This eBook is the essential guide to successful communication, it includes Effective Communication, Active Listening, Building Rapport, Concious Communication, Space & Proxemics, Body Language, Map of the World, Metaphors and Analogies, Trust, and Transmission of meaning.

The book's 50 pages are stylishly produced and illustrated:

About author Alan Gillies

Alan Gillies spent 16 years in the pharmaceutical industry working in the UK and Internationally., having held a number of senior positions, some of which gave him responsibility for in excess of 250 staff.

He is a qualified Master Practioner of NLP, certified by the Society of NPL set up by Dr Richard Bandler, one of the founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

As well as writing, Alan runs a company providing consulting, training and coaching services in disparate industry sectors.

Alan Gillies
Alan Gillies

Communicating Successfully
- Creating High Performers

50 page E-Book in PDF format
Alan Gillies £14.50

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