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Your Empty Nest

- Time to Decorate!

Exercises plus 45-minute phone coaching

About Your Empty Nest

Many of you will be waving your children off to university this September, and the chances are, you'll have mixed feelings about it.

  • You're going to miss them, and you're going to worry about them.
  • It's going to feel so oddly quiet without them around
  • Their leaving marks the end of 18 years of their childhoods and that often triggers reflection on one's own life and how it's stood the test of that time.
  • You're probably in your forties now, and that in itself causes alarm for some people.
  • With the children gone, your parenting role will be change in nature and take far less of your time. In a sense, your reason to exist just walkled out, in a way that feels desolately permanent
  • With the loss of your primary parenting focus, you may look around the empty house and wonder what life is going to be all about now.
  • The loss of the children may change the nature of your relationship with your partner.

You may find all of this a bit daunting or sad, and that's understandable. But it doesn't take you anywhere nice. A far better mental stance is to recognise the opportunities you new situation really represents, and to invest some creative energy into deciding how you're going to make the most of them.

That's where this new Re-furbish your Empty Nest program comes in. It comprises some pre-work, which I'll analyse for you, followed by a highly focused 45-minute phone session. Here's what you can expect:

  • A reflective exercise will help you to gather together and understand your complex and probably conflicting feelings around you empty nest.
  • Another exercise will re-connect you with the old you - the person you were before your life became all about the children.
  • Our session will then explore any issues arising from your pre-work. We'll surface the fears, clarify the murky and generally get a sense of where you really are and what you want for yourself - now.
  • We'll start the process of looking at how you're going to get what you want. I'll show you your self-sabotaging behaviours and keep your awareness high on where the doors are, on what might be behind them, and on how to keep them open.

By the end of our session you'll have a much clearer understanding of your empty nest. You'll have explored and dissolved some irrational fears and other emotions. You'll have embraced your wonderful new future, and you'll have selected which of your opportunities you'd like to take first - and how.

The whole process is relaxed, friendly, and inspirational. It's a great way to launch you into your wonderful new life.


You can find well over 100 testimonials FROM clients like you, who have worked with me here

About author Chris Wesley

I've been coaching professionally since 2002, having qualified with distinctions from Europe's largest coach training organisation.

Empty Nest syndrome is highly amenable to coaching, and it's something I have lots of experience with.

Mostly I help my empty nest clients by rationalising negative emotions, and on focusing clients on opportunities, choices and tactics. It's not usually very long before the sadness and confusion evapourates and the excitement and energy return.

Chris Wesley
Chris Wesley

Your Empty Nest
- Time to Decorate!

Exercises plus 45-minute phone coaching
Chris Wesley

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