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Hey Gorgeous hypnotherapy recording

- Total body confidence in just 25 minutes

25 minute MP3 download

About Hey Gorgeous hypnotherapy recording

Want to lose weight and get more self confidence?

Are you fed up of looking in the mirror and feeling bad?

Do you focus on what is wrong with your body rather than what is right with it?

Are you always searching for the latest weight loss diet?

It is time to change your approach

One in three women and one in five men are on a diet at any one time. Many fad diets can be bad for your body and bad for your self-esteem. When I diet I end up thinking about food all the time and feeling deprived and hungry even when I have had plenty to eat!

Losing weight can help you to feel more confident, attractive and in control. But what if feeling more confident, attractive and in control could help you lose weight?

The Hey Gorgeous hypnotherapy recording takes a positive and gentle approach to helping you feel great about your body. By building self-confidence and self-esteem, leading hypnotherapist Georgia Foster helps you to feel good about your body and about yourself.

Youll be able to look in the mirror and smile at what you see

This 25 minute hypnotherapy recording works at a subconscious level when you are in a state of deep relaxation. Instead of being constantly bombarding by negative self-talk about your body, you will start to feel more positive, confident and attractive. You will feel in control of your body and your life and that sense of calm and confidence will help you make the changes you need to make.

When you feel good about yourself and your body you wont be reaching for snacks or overeating to fill an emotional hole. You will be feeding your body the food it needs and getting out and exercising more. You will notice the great things about your body and will focus less on your wobbly bits.

You are gorgeous!

Yes you! You are gorgeous exactly as you are right now! And we would like to help you believe it too. So if youre hard on yourself and you feel like taking a break from that and boosting your confidence our Hey Gorgeous recording will help you do just that. When you listen to Hey Gorgeous regularly you will...

  • Feel great about your body
  • Start having positive inner conversations guiding you to natural body confidence whatever shape you are
  • Believe in yourself as a beautiful and attractive person
  • Trust in yourself and your judgement
  • Attract great people into your life who make you feel great about yourself
  • Respond to positive thoughts and feelings not self-doubt
  • Be really kind to yourself
  • Feel proud of who you are
  • Release out of date fear and anxiety about your body
  • Walk with confidence, smile more and dress with confidence
  • Tune into these words automatically when you think about your body
  • Much more confident socially
  • Feeling gorgeous exactly as you are

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hey Gorgeous will leave you totally relaxed but completely in control. Hypnotherapist Georgia Fosters relaxing voice will soothe you and allow you to take in positive messages but you can open your eyes at anytime and be wide awake. Whilst you are very relaxed your mind is open to new messages and the track will replace your negative and anxious thoughts with confident, positive thoughts.

At only 25 minutes long Hey Gorgeous is perfect for listening to at bedtime, leaving you feeling positive and relaxed before going to sleep.

It will only take you a minute to download the track onto your computer and transfer it to your MP3 player so you could be improving your dating future in just five minutes from now.


I listened to Hey Gorgeous once and was so relaxed afterwards that I now listen to it whenever I get a chance, about twice a week. Ive found myself being less self-critical and more confident. My husband tells me I seem happier and more relaxed about my weight and he finds that sexy. I love it!

Listening to Hey Gorgeous has changed how I feel about myself. I used to constantly compare myself to women around me, and I never felt good enough. Now I walk taller, look people in the eye as I pass them and have been told a lot more often that I look fantastic. I dont know if Ive lost weight I havent checked but I feel wonderful. Thank you.

Ive struggled with my weight and self-esteem for years. Im not totally cured but listening to Hey Gorgeous is helping me to treat my body more lovingly. I choose healthier foods to eat and Im being a lot more active and enjoying it.

About author Georgia Foster

Georgia Foster is an internationally renowned hypnotherapist and best-selling author of The Weight-Lless Mind, The Drink-Less Mind and 4 Secrets to Amazing Sex. Having trained in California in the Jungian psychology called Voice Dialogue she then qualified with Distinction as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and went on to lecture and train hypnotherapy students in the UK. Georgias work has been widely featured in UK media including The Times Body & Soul, Daily Mail, Guardian, Independent, Metro and Psychologies and she has been a frequent guest on the radio.
Georgia Foster
Georgia Foster

Hey Gorgeous hypnotherapy recording
- Total body confidence in just 25 minutes

25 minute MP3 download
Georgia Foster £10

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