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How To Find Love

- Life is not a rehearsal! Take Control and find your Lover with this E-Course

5-Module E-Course

About How To Find Love

Lots of research confirms that those in stable, happy relationships with a significant other are far more likely to be happy and healthy in themselves - so finding the perfect mate is a very worthy goal.

But, like so may other goals which we set for ourselves, reaching them is often far harder than we want it to be, and many of us - perhaps even most of us will lose heart and give up before they get there.

And the reasons for failure are familiar to any life coach:

  • Lack of belief in the reachability of the goal
  • Failure to maintain focus in a hectic life
  • Collapse of drive in the face of setbacks
  • Hidden beliefs about who we are, what we might achieve and what we deserve

That's why coaching can help give you a dramatic boost in finding your perfect partner, and invite you to hire a coach to help you get there; it could be a life-changing investment from which you will never be the same again.

But if you're not ready to make that commitment, then this new E-Course is a great way to dip your toe in the waters.

The course was written by Chris, and each of the modules comes to you by email, with an inspirational and insightful article and an exercise for you complete. The exercise is where you will do the work required to free up your thinking, to discover new things about yourself, and to use all that to make real progress in the real world.

At the end of the course, you'll be in a much better place.

Course Structure

1. Who Are You - Really?
In self-discovery, few answers are simple or easily found, and very seldom are they what you assumed they would be. That's why a life coach will help you out-perform solitary introspection many times over.

In module 1, you'll conduct a revealing analysis of the kind of person you are - based on your past, and your current thinking. You will be surprised at what you discover about yourself.

Who is Your Perfect Partner?
What does your perfect partner look like - not just physically, but in terms of personality, interests, and all the other things which you may not even have suspected are important to you. The exercise here will really squeeze out your deepest thoughts about who you would really be happy with - and that's (bizarrely) often not at all who you've been looking for!

3. Crossing Paths
Amazingly, most of us have a subtle plan. We're going to go about our business, and hope that Mr. or Ms. Right is going to stumble across us, and everything will fall into place.

As plans go, that's a bit too subtle.

Module three looks at how to meet your perfect partner. From the profile you did in module two, this exercise helps you to find ways to dramatically increase your chances of meeting Partner Perfect.

4. Crossing Minds
At the end of module three, you'll have a very clear set of strategies for placing your perfect partner close by. You can and should - start operating those strategies immediately. But what happens if they walk in the room? How will you know it? How will they know that you exist?

Eyelid batting and fan malarkey have many merits, I'm sure, but as strategies for attracting and exploring others, they can fall a bit short.

So module 4 looks at how you can spot when they're close, and how you can interact with them to verify their credentials, and impress them with yours. It examines the common problems in each case, and how to tackle them.

5. Staying Strong
The single biggest cause of failure in any human endeavour is not lack of vision, or lack of ability - it's lack of stamina. Somehow, our upbringing tells us "If after a few attempts, you haven't succeeded - then it wasn't met to be", and that's just baloney! Human history tells us that those who ultimately succeeded went through hell and back but they just kept going.

So module five is all about attitude management and how to stay focused, stay positive, stay on course, stay productive, and stay happy in light of the fact that the world didn't role over and play dead when you snapped your fingers.

This last module contains tips and tricks to keep you going, and in many ways, is my best attempt to provide you with a life coach substitute!

Course Logistics

You can take the course at your own pace, but we ask that you complete it within two months. This gives enough focus to maintain momentum and it means we can manage our resources effectively.

You will need an email address we can send module to, and you'll need to be able to return exercises prepared on computer.

Courses are available in three variations to suit your preference and pocket.

This gets you access to the course material, one module at a time. You'll get the lowest price but you're on your own, so be careful to complete the exercises properly and motivate yourself to get the best from the course.
You'll get the course modules, but you'll also have access to a fully-qualified course tutor (usually the author). When you complete your exercise, you can send them in for review by your tutor. If you've missed a point or an opportunity, your tutor will email you and give you another attempt. Of course, you remain in control - if you want to move along anyway, that's fine, but this is a great way to get far more from the course without spending heavily.
With the coaching support option, after each module, you send in the work, then arrange a full phone coaching session with your tutor to examine the issues arising from the module. Use this time to present your "yes, but that won't work in my situation, because..." type arguments. This is really the only way to bring the magic of coaching into the mix.

What Now?

Life can sometimes be bleak. Think how much better your life could be with a wonderful partner to share it with. You know it's possible, because you can see couple around you all day (not always the most uplifting experience!).

Life is a one-shot deal, and yours is happening to you right now. Why not put down your pessimism and pick up your courage, and let's see if we can put you on the path to a perfect partnership. You know - you haven't really got a lot to lose!

External Testimonials via the Author'

You can see more than 100 testimonials from my clients here

About author Chris Wesley

At 49 I've been around the block a few times, and had my share of relationships - good and otherwise! I've also spent time a few years outside of any partnership. It wasn't until I trained as a coach that I realised how little control I'd exerted on the whole process. What a waste!

In this course, I've combined my professional coaching skills with my personal and coaching experience of the world of love to bring you this course. I hope the modules, with their challenging yet entertaining modules will lead you down the path to a great new loving partnership.

Chris Wesley
Chris Wesley

How To Find Love
- Life is not a rehearsal! Take Control and find your Lover with this E-Course

5-Module E-Course
Chris Wesley £49
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