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G.R.O.W. Yourself a Better Life

- Unlock your petential - for less than 20!

CD-ROM Audio Program (now shipping in a greener paper sleeve)

About G.R.O.W. Yourself a Better Life

This self-coaching CD provides two powerful coaching tools you can apply on your own at home to gain powerful insights and strategies to move your life to a better place.

Through an easy-to-follow exercise, find which areas of your life you must focus on first to see the best improvements.
With guidance, design shiny new inspiring S.M.A.R.T. goals for your new life.
Understand your current situation with a new perspective.
Brainstorm Powerful new strategies to move things forward.
Gain positive energy, focus and enthusiasm to make those changes.
This CD is coaching on a budget in your own home, at your own pace.

External Testimonials via the Author'

You can read more than 100 testimonials from my cleints here

About author Chris Wesley

I graduated as a coach from Europe's largest training organisation, with distinctions in theory and practice.

I've been coaching now since 2001, and my testimonials (see above) show how happy my customers are.

This CD captures two important excercices which I use with clients daily, in my coaching practice.

Chris Wesley
Chris Wesley

G.R.O.W. Yourself a Better Life
- Unlock your petential - for less than 20!

CD-ROM Audio Program (now shipping in a greener paper sleeve)
Chris Wesley £17.50

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Just purchased a CD "GROW Yourself" which I'm just going through and find it realy helps.
Good timing really as I've dug myself into a bit of a hole again. Working with the CD has thrown me a rope so I can start pulling myself out.
Obviously, there are limitations to using a recorded coaching session, but for anyone prepared to put in the work themselves it is an excellent way to start and is useful to determine whether or not you want to go for any more in-depth work.

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