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Help for Wives with Husbands in MLC

3250 word PDF E-Book

About Help for Wives with Husbands in MLC

The lives of many wives and families are devasted when the husband and father goes through midlife crisis. From apparent tranquility, midlife crisis can strike, seemingly without warning. It can threaten every aspect of your future, and call into question everything you thought you knew about your past. Your attempts at trying to understand what's going on and what it means can themselves make things worse. You can find yourself adrift with nothing to hold on to. You may even find yourself the target of considerable blame, anger and even cruelty.

I wrote this special report for you. Nothing and no-one can tell you what to do - your circumstances are unique and so are you and your husband. But this book, based on experience in my coaching practice, presents some very useful general advice.

It contains the following sections:

  • What is Midlife Crisis?
    The basic information you need to know abou tmidlife crisis.
  • Midlife Crisis from His Perspective
    This section describes difficult, but valuable insights into what midlife crisis often feels like from the man's perspective.
  • Midlife Crisis from the Wife's Perspective
    This section explains how it may look for you, telling you what (if anything) you will see in your partner as they struggle with their changing feelings.
  • Midlife Crisis Solutions - Situational Fundamentals
    In this difficult time, often full of emotional pain and turmoil, seeing straight is very hard, and it's easy to cause a great deal of damage which may not be repairable. Again, driven from my coaching practice, I explain some facts of the world which you may not like, but which you can't sensibly deny. If you can grasp these universal truths, you will be a lot better off in seeing clearly where you options are, and where the brick walls are.
  • Midlife Crisis Solutions - Things to do
    No-one can tell you what to do because your situation is unique, as are the people involved. But there are some things which are almost always sensible, and this section explains them for you. Many of them are not the kinds of things you would turn to naturally at this time, but they offer you the best chance of having a positive affect, encouraging, the outcome you're looking for.
  • Midlife Crisis Solutions - Things not to do
    Again, your situation will be unique, but I often see wives falling into the same emotional traps in response to their partner's midlife crisis, and these behaviours often widen rifts, hasten or entrench confrontation, estrangement and separation. So this section explains the common behaviours and why they seldom serve your interests.
  • Staying Strong
    You have a lot to deal with. Hideous emotional trauma in the nere-and-now, fears about the future, and confusion and maybe regrets about the past. You may also be holding a family and even a career down at the same time. You feel like the victim but you're also the person who can contribute the most to a positive outcome. That's a lot to carry. This section gives you my thoughts on how to stay strong, stay calm, and do the very best you can in what might be dismal circumstances.

The report also includes five reflective exercises to help you see things more clearly, and to internalise the lessons of the text.

This 3,250-word report costs 10. If you subsequently complete any full-fee coaching session with me, this price is refunded.


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About author Chris Wesley

I've been a professional coach since graduating with distinctions in theory and practice of coaching from Europe's largest training organisaion in 2002.

A lot of my practice work involes folks in mid-life crisis - or the wives of husbands in that position. This guide is written based on my experiences in that role.

Chris Wesley
Chris Wesley

Help for Wives with Husbands in MLC 3250 word PDF E-Book
Chris Wesley


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