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Do Not Panic!

- End anxiety and panic attacks

Comprehensive Audio, Video & Book course

About Do Not Panic!

I know from my coaching practice that a lot of people suffer from anxiety or panic attacks or both.

What is Anxiety?

Feeling anxious from time-to-time is normal. There will be situations which are naturally stressful. A sudden loud noise in the middle of the night or a near-miss on the road will naturally make your heart rate and strikje fear into your soul for a while. But anxiety is usually taken to mean a persistent state of worry.

Different people may suffer in different ways. Some people will suffer anxiety around a specific fear, like flying. Very specific, usually not a problem to their general life, but it becomes an issue in the holiday season. The degree of severity also varied widely between individuals. You may be mildly anxious, you may decide to close the window blind, you may take sleeping tablets or drink several glasses of wine to calm your nerves. Or you may find yourself entirely incapable of boarding an aircraft at all.

Other folks find themselves worrying about several things (General Anxiety Disorder - GAD). Orthey may fear classes of things. Anxiety around inter--personal controntation is common. Other common worries centre on finances, health, relationship insecurty, and so on. Finally, there are the more unusual anxieties around being outside (agoraphobia) and so on.

Anxiety Symptoms

Whatever causes your anxiety, it's not generally a pleasant experience. As well as being an unpleasant mental state, anxiety often causes more specific problems:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling helpless - not in control
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling detached from the world

Furthermore, when you feel anxiety, your body may produce a variety of symptoms:

  • Faster breathing
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Palpitations (which just means irregular heart beats)
  • Chest pains
  • Headaches
  • Stomach aches & nausea
  • Sweating
  • Dry Mouth

Panic Attacks

When some or all of these symptoms come on severely and rapidly, we call it a panic attack.

What can be done about Anxiety & Panic Attacks?

I work with clients suffering from anxiety and panic attacks with good results, and there is also good self-help available. I was considering writing an E-Course on the techniques, but, frankly, it's already been done, and done very well. So instead, I'm going to refer you to it.

If you suffer from Anxiety or panic attacks, and you want to banish them from your life, then this comprehensive program will help you. It's long-established, with fantastric reviews, and a money-back guarantee. It#'s not badly priced either. The only thing I don't like about it, is its title, but then - I guess it's brief and highly descriptive of the outcome it provides!

Anxiety relief program
About 42 pounds (sold in US dollars)
Click to read more about the Panic Away Program

If you decide to buy the program, I'd very much like to hear about your experiences with banishing anxiety from your life.


There are very many audio and written testimonials included in the sales page you'll see when you click the link. By the way, if you're seeing this article in a newsletetr, then that link might not work for you. In that case, go to the page online instyead, which you can find: here

About author Chris Wesley

Well, in this case, I'm not the author, so it's not me you need to know about, but the product I'm recommending. It's been on sale now, for 8 years. When you click the link you'll see very many testimonials from different people who've used the program. Many of those are in audio format - clearly genuine folks who've been massively helped by this program. From my perspective I can also say that return rates are tiny, and in any event - there's a money-back guarantee, so you can't lose when you buy this program.
Chris Wesley
Chris Wesley


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