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The Four Powers of Self Esteem

- How to fix a crummy Self-image

35-page E-book in PDF format

About The Four Powers of Self Esteem

There are four foundation concepts of self-esteem; that is, there are four aspects or qualities that make up self-esteem. I call them "Powers." In this case, each one adds to your total personal power.

I devised a test to measure your strengths and weaknesses in each of the four powers. You score yourself and use the scores to understand where you shine and where you don't.

Self-esteem is an epiphenomenon. What? It evolves from zillions of little experiences that make it up. I describe the process and how our self-images emerge. Self-esteem emerges in different ways at different times in our lives, and it manifests differently in different areas. You have to understand the process before the concept of self-image really makes sense. You can't change self-esteem if you don't understand this.

The next section deals with the one concept and technique that makes the biggest and fastest changes to self-esteem. There are lots of techniques in the literature, but this one idea stands out and isn't presented elsewhere. I developed it over twenty years.

Then I write about resistance. There's always a bunch of "excuses" for not doing the work and I name them. There's a reason they are there and until you understand how and why they got there, self-image won't change.

I write about what therapy is vs. what ebooks can do. My goal is to provide as much information as possible to fix a crummy self-image without going to a therapist. You'll be surprised how much you can do ... If you think "nothing will work," think again.

Next comes a discussion about some preventative strategies and the one technique that best immunizes against future "dings" to self-image problems.

This latest ebook is 37 pages and is the best one I've written, to date. Clients are very enthusiastic about this ebook, probably because everyone can use some work on self-esteem.

Again, this ebook has no fat. Think of it as a "Cliffs Notes" publication. It's "sort of" a quick read (about two hours for the first reading), because I have to explain stuff using terms you probably haven't heard before. But its all laid out in everyday language, just like what you're reading now.

Nobody has published what I present as the glue that makes these concepts work. I think this is why my ebook does a better job. It's process, not content driven. The theory I espouse is different from standard "behavior change" books. It works better. I know, because I've been using it with clients for years.

I've put together a hard hitting, direct "How To" manual. My research has not turned up another ebook that does what mine does.

Ebooks are replacing standard books because they are easier and quicker to obtain. There is a need for immediate information, reasonably priced. I've priced this ebook to be at least twenty percent undermarket, considering what bookstores charge and the travel costs to and from. The ebook is now available for download.

About author Doctor Steven T. Griggs PhD

I"ve been a practicing psychologist in an outpatient setting for over twenty years. I run into eight conditions almost every day (addictions, anxiety, ADHD/learning disabilities, assertiveness, childrens behaviors, mood disorders, relationships and self-esteem). Relationships are one of the most important of these in its own right, but in every one of the other seven areas, it, like self-esteem and assertiveness plays a huge role. Usually, when people have a good relationship, the problems in each of these groups diminish. A graduate professor once told me there are two things that either make or break people. One is employment and the other is having a good relationship.
Doctor Steven T. Griggs PhD
Doctor Steven T. Griggs PhD

The Four Powers of Self Esteem
- How to fix a crummy Self-image

35-page E-book in PDF format
Doctor Steven T. Griggs PhD £10

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