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Single and Fabulous

- Feel great about being single

25 minute hypnotherapy track - MP3 download

About Single and Fabulous

Do you have days when you wish you weren't single?

How about moments when you think you'll never find the right partner?

You CAN find the right relationship for you. With someone who makes you feel loved and valued and happy.

Your subconscious mind is holding yourself back from meeting the right partner. It is trying to protect you from getting hurt so it is telling you that there is no one out there for you, that it is safer to be single or that there is something wrong with you and that is why you're single.

You can reprogramme your subconcious mind to help you find the relationship you want and to make better choices about your life partner.

The secret to success is to feel good about where you are right now and to be tuned in to your intuition so that you know instantly when you meet someone if they will be good for you and your self-esteem.

If you feel happy with your situation and happy with who you are you will start to attract more happy, positive people into your life.

This relaxing and empowering 25 minute recording will help you to feel good about yourself as a single person and to feel confident and happy as you are right now.

You will learn how to really relax and tune into your inner wisdom, which will help you to intuitively attract the right people and opportunities into your life.

You will feel safe starting a relationship, knowing that you will be okay whatever happens and allowing you to worry less and enjoy the moment more.

By boosting your confidence, self-esteem and positivity with this empowering 25 minute hypnotherapy recording, youll gradually begin to awaken to opportunities and attract more positive people into your life.

This recording was created by leading hypnotherapist Georgia Foster.


"Like wallowing in a great, big frothy bath of self esteem and loveliness! This CD is a brilliant, practical tool 
for all single girls everywhere.
" Suzy Greaves: Best selling author, named 
as a top ten guru by The Daily Mail. "Thanks to this MP3 I'm more relaxed and positive about my love life. I really enjoy dating now. Listening to the MP3 gives me a real boost of confidence." Emma, TV producer aged 26

About author Georgia Foster

Georgia Foster is an internationally renowned hypnotherapist and best-selling author of The Weight-Less Mind, The Drink-Less Mind and 4 Secrets to Amazing Sex. Having trained in California in the Jungian psychology called Voice Dialogue she then qualified with Distinction as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and went on to lecture and train hypnotherapy students in the UK. Georgias work has been widely featured in UK media including The Times Body & Soul, Daily Mail, Guardian, Independent, Metro and Psychologies and she has been a frequent guest on the radio.
Georgia Foster
Georgia Foster

Single and Fabulous
- Feel great about being single

25 minute hypnotherapy track - MP3 download
Georgia Foster £10

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