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Ultimate Unwind

- Pure relaxation after a stressful day

25 minute MP3 download

About Ultimate Unwind

Had a tough day? Leave it all behind, find a quiet spot to lie down and tune in to this blissfully relaxing 25 minute hypnotherapy CD. Here, theres nothing for you to do, nothing to decide, and nothing to worry about. This is your space to just be.

You'll find yourself drifting into a state of deep relaxation, releasing any tension and worries and trusting more in the present moment.Youll gradually unwind, producing calm endorphins until relaxing becomes very natural and easy for you.

This recording trains your mind to know instinctively when you need to take time out for yourself. You'll make decisions more comfortably because youre listening to your intuition and seeing your life from a more positive perspective.Plus youll feel a deep sense of emotional wellbeing that youll be able to tap into at stressful moments.

So relax and take some time to find your space to be the place where nothing worries you and you feel totally calm and content in the moment.

You will find yourself:

  • Drifting into a state of deep relaxation
  • Trusting in the flow of being in the here and now
  • Calm and confident
  • Setting aside, worries, thoughts and anxieties
  • Releasing tension
  • Unwinding and relaxing
  • Producing calm endorphins
  • Enjoying being in the present, trusting in your future
  • Knowing when you need to take time out
  • Supporting yourself to deal with whatever comes your way more calmly and logically
  • Feeling a deep sense of emotional wellbeing
  • Experiencing more pleasure and joy in your life
  • Putting your life in a more positive perspective
  • Many customers use Ultimate Unwind as a way to tackle insomnia as it is so relaxing.


"After a stressful day this CD stops my head from whirring and sends me blissfully off to sleep" Amanda, entrepreneur aged 33 "I use hypnotherapy to help tackle my insomnia. If I find myself waking up, I listen and around 20 minutes later I have almost always drifted off to sleep. My favourite is Ultimate Unwind by hypnotherapist Georgia Foster." Woman and Home magazine case study Claire Findlater

About author Georgia Foster

Georgia Foster is an internationally renowned hypnotherapist and best-selling author of The Weight-Less Mind, The Drink-Less Mind and 4 Secrets to Amazing Sex. Having trained in California in the Jungian psychology called Voice Dialogue she then qualified with Distinction as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and went on to lecture and train hypnotherapy students in the UK. Georgias work has been widely featured in UK media including The Times Body & Soul, Daily Mail, Guardian, Independent, Metro and Psychologies and she has been a frequent guest on the radio.
Georgia Foster
Georgia Foster

Ultimate Unwind
- Pure relaxation after a stressful day

25 minute MP3 download
Georgia Foster £10

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