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Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.

Earl Wilson

WorkPlace Stress

The Book Of Answers

Stress at Work?


Workplace Stress is extremely common and one reason why 60% of us hate going to work. Work-related stress victims may notice any of a wide variety of symptoms. Specifically:

These physical symptoms:

  • Palpitations (fluttering in the chest or a sense of impending doom)
  • Constant tiredness and/or difficulty sleeping
  • loss of appetite or unusual eating habits
  • Cramps, dizziness, constipation, chest pains, breathlessness

These mental & behavioural symptoms:

  • Persistent anger or crying
  • Inability to concentrate, racing repetitive thinking
  • Avoiding people and situations
  • Unusual compulsive behaviours

And of course, you'll be generally miserable.

Workplace Stress

Stress arises when we perceive situations as (a) threatening us, and (b) being largely beyond our control. This combination leads to fear, and fear is what stress is centrally about. It's a very unpleasant feeling, and it can consume lives. Stress at work is no different in origin. You see something in your work-place as a threat, and you have so far, been unable to eliminate it. Common examples include un-manageable workload, bullying, sexual harassment, social exclusion, sink-or-swim management, persistently poor performance reviews, fear or change or redundancy. Since most of us have to enter a workplace daily to earn our livings, when the workplace is stressfully, lives are seriously affected.

Stress Relief in the Workplace

I work with many clients facing stressful working lives. Their situations and their personal make-up vary widely, but in most cases, I'm able to help my clients make their working lives far better. Many of the insights I have gained and the techniques I've developed over the years are now embodied in my new book.

Stress Management and the Book

What makes this book particularly valuable for those facing workplace stress?

  • Practical, concrete help - informed by the help I've given to real, ordinary people in real jobs
  • Re-focus from dwelling on your stress and how miserable it makes you, to thinking about your options to make things better
  • Understand your fear and how it distorts your thinking and controls your behaviour
  • Dump your preconceptions and prejudices - see what's really out there and then embrace it
  • Understand what's at the core of your being; how work violates your values, and what to do about it
  • Learn where self confidence comes from, where yours went, and how to get it back
  • Open your eyes to manipulation and how to avoid it
  • See how to grow the mental strength to pull yourself out of the hole

The book contains a series of bite-sized articles, written in plain English. It's available as a PDF download or as a physical book. To learn more about the book and it's author, and to buy your copy now, click the image.

Let's get you stress-free at work!



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