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It's hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.
Sally Kempton

Life Coaching

Building Focus, Energy & Courage - to Make a Better Life for You

Planning for a Successful Career


Did you plan your career for success? Most of us spend more time at work than we do sleeping or with our families. Yet more than 60% of us don't enjoy our jobs. That's a big shame!

Many of us are in a sad rut; frightened at the prospect of change yet saddened by the thought of the status quo. We sit paralysed in quiet desperation, and wait for Acts of God or redundancy to smash things up.

Some want to progress in their chosen career - to contribute more and use more of their potential, gaining the recognition and rewards which goes with that.

Others hanker after a different career; maybe running a business from home or doing something more radical like becoming a writer.

Career coaching works to place clients on the right career path and then moves them along that career path at best speed. It is a huge and growing niche area of life coaching, and one which I specialise in.


I spent 17 years climbing the corporate ladder and enjoyed it immensely for most of that time. But I recognised when I needed a change, and made it. Several times! So I know what it feels like to be on the right path and on the wrong one, and I know how it feels to make that "leap of faith" into a new career.

I also know how to succeed in the corporate world and how to climb the career path, since I ended my first career as an international IT manager.

The expertise I developed along the way included hiring and firing, managing people's performance and careers, mentoring, writing job specs, performance reviewing against them, promoting people, developing them, moving them into jobs which better suited their abilities and interests, managing strategies, large budgets, and so on.

Together we can explore what you want, and what your company wants. We can look at your strengths and areas for improvement. We can build a positive, concrete plan for making spectacular progress in your world.

So the chances are that I'll already know quite a bit about your situation. If you're in the right career, but you're not making the progress you want - or you have specific goals you want to attain (promotion, a qualification, a salary increase, a new role) then I can bring 17 years of experience to bear on moving you in the direction you want.

Leaping Off the Cliff

If you're in the wrong career, then I know how that feels - and I know how daunting the prospect of turning your back on it and starting again can be,

And in either case my professional coaching training and experience can help us to work together to give you the clarity and confidence you'll need to make those life-changing decisions and then act to make them succeed.

You might like some fun or to loosen up your thinking on the career front by taking some free career tests here.

Of course, you can just sit tight and hope for the best, but why not contact me to arrange your complimentary coaching session today, and we can start the process of radical change that will put you on the path to greater happiness?

Contact me to get things moving for you today


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