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You can't build a reputation on what you're GOING to do.

Henry Ford

Life Coaching

Building Focus, Energy & Courage - to Make a Better Life for You

Corporate Coaching
-Turbo-charge your People


People Power Your Business

As a manager you'll know that people are your major asset. Yet sometimes they seem to be your biggest problem. You need their labour and their co-operation, and you want their great ideas, energy and enthusiasm, but that's not always what you get.

Keeping staff motivated is tough! Empowering them to step outside the box and contribute far more of their potential at work can be a constant challenge. And in a busy working life, many of us will settle for far less. So business efficiency is often poor, staff morale low, managers frustrated and the workplace becomes dull, depressing or even hostile. Sound familiar?

Corporate Coaching - Better People, Better Everything
All You have Is Your People.
are they all they could be?

The Trouble with Training

For the longest time, staff training has been the main staff development tool in the manager’s toolbox. A short period of instruction is supposed to give staff new skills or to make permanent changes in the way things are done.

But all too often, when the training is done, the old work pressures return and the slump back to a tired status quo takes hold. You spent the money, but you didn't get what you hoped for.

Well, now you have new and better options!

Corporate Coaching

“Life coaching” is a new personal development process, which emerged from America in the 90s. Corporate coaching applies this new coaching process to the working environment. Corporate coaching is spreading rapidly throughout the world - and particularly in the UK - because it works.

At its heart, corporate coaching is an ongoing relationship between a member of staff and a professional coach. They work together for an hour or so, between once a week and once a month. They focus on an area or a goal, which is usually defined by the employer. These meetings may be conducted in person or by phone. The unique coaching process is used during these sessions to facilitate growth in the employee, which will move them closer to their goal.

The Magic of Coaching

Coaching is not training or instruction. It does not seek to inject new skills from an outside expert. It does not impose new methods. It is not delivered in a single dose. Coaching clarifies, personalises and internalises goals. It removes internal blocks, uncovering potential, and allowing the client to move naturally towards his goal. The coach’s specialist training allows him to spot the signs of internal conflicts, self limiting beliefs and behaviours, and to explore and remove them with the client. In this way, powerful progress is maintained.

Because this process is client-driven, it is not resented nor resisted. Because it is ongoing and not a one-off training day, the flavour-of-the-month syndrome is avoided and the slump back to the tired status quo does not happen.

Your people eagerly improve their personal effectiveness and it’s generally permanent. You end up with a new, improved, and grateful employee!

Coaching Applications

Coaching has as many uses as there are challenges in the workplace. Look around, and pick one you’d like solved!

A very popular coaching application is the combination of training with follow-up coaching. An International Personnel Management Association survey revealed that productivity increased by 22% with training alone, but that productivity gain increased to 88% when training was combined with coaching. So the next time you put some training in place, you might consider marrying it with some follow-up coaching to really consolidate the gains and maximise the benefits you see from your investment.

Other areas for corporate coaching are: Coaching through Change, Leadership Coaching, Coaching for cultural change, Coaching for effective teams, Time Management, Inter-personal skills, working towards promotion or a specific role, increasing productivity, improving morale, and removing un-productive behaviours. But virtually any work problem can be usefully addressed through coaching.

What about You?

As a manager, you may decide to reap the benefits of hiring your own personal coach. That magical coaching process will give you powerful insights into your self-limiting behaviours, freeing you to make the big moves you've been waiting for.

Does Coaching Work?

In a survey of 11,000 clients, conducted by The International Coaching Federation, an astonishing 98.5% said that their investment, regardless of cost, was well worth it. Corporate coaching is growing very rapidly in the UK because it works.

What Now?

Think about your organisation’s challenges. What would you wave your magic wand over first? If you’re responsible for it, then you can be coached for that goal. If someone else is responsible, then they can be coached. A set of four sessions is the sensible minimum, but a coaching relationship can also span years. Sessions may be conducted in person or by phone.

Let’s Make Things Better!


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