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Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.

Earl Wilson

Life Coaching

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Effective Delegation Liberates your Working Life


If you are responsible for staff, then this will be of interest to you.

Many supervisors were dropped in at the deep end with no training, no resources and no let-up in their existing work-load - oh, and no pay rise either. They're left to struggle. Suddenly they're accountable for the work of others, but they have little control or understanding of how to make it work. This isn't smart for them, their reports, or their company - but there it is. It's the norm.

Managing people involves a whole host of skills and techniques. Leading and Motivating people is an art. These things don't come naturally to most of us, but all of us can learn them.

In my consulting work, I find that effective delegation is a key ingredient missing from many organisations.

  • People cannot be relied upon to get things done. They may not do it at all - or do it late or incompletely. This one is easily fixed.
  • Staff resist direction - forcing you to choose between conflict or manipulation.
    Most of us are conflict-averse and fear confrontation, and we may not understand the difference between "assertive" and "aggressive". I can straighten this out for you and tell you how to use it in the work place.
  • Staff may just "tow the line" but may not be internally-motivated to succeed.
    I've never been a lip-service man, and I won't be telling you how to be one either. Staff BUY IN with their hearts when you remove the crud, treat them fairly and give them a mission that doesn't smell bad. I'll tell you how.
  • People don't manage their own efficiency well - they waste time and resources.
    Management is about developing your staff more than it is about controlling them. I'll show you how to get what your boss wants from your team without crushing the team or yourself.
  • Most bosses are stuck in fire-fighting mode, never able to find the time or resources to install the sprinklers. If this is you, you're in a "level 1 organisation". I'll show you how to climb out to level 2 and beyond.
  • Often there is tension or worse between a supervisor and their reports, and it can make things GRIM - not to mention inefficient. Alignment is the process of pointing all the brains in the same direction - and that's not even difficult, when the direction is common sense and honourable.
  • Boss Burnout is very common. Their lives and their health are bent out of shape by the burden of responsibility without control. And when organisations run a sink-or-swim staff development strategy it can be hard to succeed. I'll show you how to share the load fairly and how to use the rhetoric of the company thumb screw to put you back on top.

How would it feel if each of your staff happily and sincerely liked and respected you? If they came in each day and were independently self-motivated to get on with the job, would things go better for you? If you liked and respected them too - without resentments or compromise? That's a great way to earn a living and I can help you to make it a reality.

What qualifies me to do that? Well (let the trumpets sound!)...

I spent 17 years successfully managing international teams in the IT industry. I've also been consulting to all kinds of businesses - large and small - since then, so I know in a practical real-world "been there - fixed that" way - the things that go wrong, why, and how to put them straight. Then there's my distinction qualification in life coaching. I have also lectured for Europe's largest coach training organisation - The Coaching Academy - teaching their coaches how to coach leaders. You can learn from all these skills and all this expertise, and use those lessons to make your working life far happier and more successful.

My new Delegation Skills Workshop will put you on the fast track to effective, popular staff management. In intensive 45-minute phone mentoring sessions, we'll look at your specific situation and the challenges you face. We'll explore options and choose concrete, proven strategies to put into practice, and then we'll get back together and talk about what worked, what didn't - and why. In practical, clear ways, we'll move you to the position of Happy Boss - in a happy team of productive, mutually respectful, grown-up people who like to come in every morning.

Your team your boss, and your partner - will love you for it!

Phone mentoring sessions are £50 each - £45 when you book four in advance. It may be that your company will pay this for you, but even if they don't - the improvement in your life will be dramatic - and well worth the investment.

You can book one session at a time, if you like, and there's a money-back guarantee on every session, so you really can't lose, and you've got a great deal to gain.

To Upgrade Your Future, or to enquire further, just go here.

To your success.

Chris Wesley
BSc (Hnrs) , LCA(Dist), JP

PS: If you're not a supervisor - it might make sense to send this to your boss. Then again... :-)


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