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The Meritocracy Miracle

- Transforming Lives At Work

5000+ word E-Book in PDF format.

About The Meritocracy Miracle

Many people who don't supervise staff imagine how great it would be to "just sit back and order people to do the work".

But when you've been there, and done it, you know it's nothing like what you imagined. If you're working in a normal company settings then here are the challenges you're likely to face:

  • You have all your old responsibilities, but now they've given staff to look after, too.
  • You may well have had no training in people management, but somehow, the fact that you did your own job well, is supposed to qualify you automatically. Fat chance.
  • Your staff may bear you a grudge since your new promotion, and they may resent all managers on principle.
  • Your staff don't do things properly, or on time, which makes your life hell. You know you have to keep things sweet, because, if it all blows up, you'll be seen as a bad manager. Yet - you also need your people to pull their weight.
  • You're not comfortable with conflict. You want to be popular, but how do you do that when you need to tell people off?
  • You may decide that you have to work far harder yourself, picking up after your staff, patching the holes they leave, running yourself ragged, and brewing anger and resentments under the surface.

If you can tick a few of these, then my E-Book is definitely for you. If you have one person reporting to you, or none, or ten or more, there's plenty of value in this book for you.

Here's how it's organised:

1 - The Work Context

Exploring the basic premise of employment; the contract in place - implicit or explicit, and what you should and should not expect from staff.

2 - The Leadership Role

What it means to be a leader; what your staff should expect from you; how you can develop leadership characteristics, and how they will serve you powerfully in building a happy, professional organisation.

3 - The Job Spec

How you can capture what you expect from your staff in a simple, concise document. How you get staff to see that document as theirs, to care about what's in it, and to motivate them to meet the expectations it encapsulates.

As well as the job-specific items, there are other "good citizen and team member" elements which should be captured in any job spec.

4 - The Review Process

The review process should be diffused throughout working life, and not a rushed annual fiasco in which staff learn how unhappy you are. I show you exactly how to do that in ways that don't involve endless meetings or other expensive activities and endless paperwork which you can't afford.

How to avoid it becoming a somewhat embarrassing irrelevance within weeks of it being signed off.

5 - Assertiveness

Many of my clients are innovative and energetic people, but they dread conflict, and simply fail to win the day (or decline to try) when faced with someone who is less civilized or honest than they are. I'll give you easy but effective techniques to ensure that your point gets across. You'll see how to tell people awful things (you almost never need to, by the way). How to drain the angst from standing up and being the boss. How to be comfortable as an instrument of change in a culture that doesn't want to. How to grow

6 - Common pitfalls and How to Avoid them

Practical examples of the traps which managers and supervisors fall in to, with some nifty techniques to dig out and side-step in future.

I've done all I can to make this E-book a real-world practical guide, and I think you'll be able to start using the techniques in it from tomorrow, and the gains will make you, your boss, and your staff happy.


Here, you can read a large number of testimonials from my coaching clients

About author Chris Wesley

I spent 17 years in blue-chip multi-nationals, omstly as a highly successful manager of people and projects.

My performance reviewing documents were used to create division-level templates to encourage best practice.

I was paid big money to bring about U-turns in failing organisations worldwide.

In the years since qualifying as a personal and corporate coach (with distinctions intheory and practice) I've added to my corporate skills, valuable coaching techniques and extensive experience of the challenges faced by my clients.

I know what the real-world, real-people, untidy, frustrating issues are, and I know how to solve them in low-cost, robust ways. And I know that when you do - your organisation and your staff will appreciated you for it. They'll enjoy their working lives more, and your organisational efficiency will burst into bloom.

I'm briging all of that to this E-Book, and you can be reading it in a couple of minutes from now.

Chris Wesley
Chris Wesley

The Meritocracy Miracle
- Transforming Lives At Work

5000+ word E-Book in PDF format.
Chris Wesley £8.50

Remember - every product in Chris's shop comes with an un-conditional money back guarantee.
If you're not satisfied with it, return it (or delete it) within 7 days and we'll refund your money in full.


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